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Sight Fishing Snook Along the Gulf Coast's Beautiful Beaches

Cool summer mornings with a light breeze and the sun at our backs offer some of the best opportunities to entice our local snook with a fly. Being on the beach before sunrise and a willingness to put in a good mornings walk will reward anglers with opportunities most are not willing to find.

A small white baitfish fly is the ticket, stripped quickly around schools of bait and along the first trough. The first trough is the area along the beach right next to shore where predators wait to ambush schools of bait washed along by the tide. Look parallel to the beach for cruising fish as your walking along the shoreline. Walking busier parts of the beach before sunrise will allow anglers to work schools of bait and fish that are more heavily pressured first. Moving along the beach to where most other on foot anglers won't travel then puts anglers on fish in less pressured areas. Frequent species along our beaches in the summer include Snook, Speckled Trout, and Red and Black Drum.

Walk n' Wade trips may require or include long treks on the beach. We walk up to 9 miles on some mornings searching for fish. Depending on locations that are producing, it is possible to boat to a certain area that may be producing well. Flies that work well on the beach include the Umpqua Bumpin' Bunny, clouser minnows, white deceiver patterns, EP Minnows, and other small white or sand colored baitfish and shrimp patterns.

Beachfront walk and wade trips are a great way for both novice and experienced fly

anglers to find success fly fishing for snook. Click here to book a walk and wade trip today!

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