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March Fishing Report

Updated: Apr 3, 2022

We had a chilly start to the month after our good February warmup. The first few good fronts that warm up the state are a really good teaser for the rest of the spring. Snook show up in river and creek mouths just to get knocked back deep by two or three cold fronts that always bug us in March.

If you catch the snook on a good afternoon warmup with a good incoming tide, they typically welcome the sight of a well placed fly or paddle tail. These fish have been feeding aggressively during certain parts of the day. Bait is all over most of my flats and flushing in and out of good ambush points with the tides. Expect the snook bite to get really really good over the next couple of weeks before they begin to show up more heavily along the beaches.

Redfish have still been hanging in medium and large size schools on most of my flats. Tightly bunched fish are awesome if they are moving, and not so awesome if they are not. moving fish will feed on flies are artificial baits much better than their laid up counterparts. I fished a school that was laid up last week with a buddy who caught some bait for us, it took fish 10-15 minutes to respond to live and dead baits placed just a few feet from them. If you are trying to feed fish with fly or artificial and they are laid up, it might pay off to move on and find some other fish. Revisit the laid up school on a different part of the tide to see if you can get them moving on or off of the place you found them.

Trout have been starting to show up much thicker in good spring areas. Spoil islands, keys, creeks, and deep cuts have all been holding a decent number of fish. While they are not usually my primary target, it's a welcome sign to see some more fish showing up.

My anglers have also been catching good numbers of Jack Crevalle just about anywhere we go. Jacks are one of the more exciting fish to catch as they can go on blistering runs and feed aggressively. One fish early this month pulled about 80 feet of fly line out of my anglers hand in just a few seconds. They are a great target to learn how to feed, fight, and land saltwater gamefish.

The warmup into April will provide for great opportunities to find and feed happy fish. It's one of my favorite times of the year to fish and usually you can target just about any species you'd like with good weather. Give me a shout to get booked for a day of sight fishing!

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