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My goodness it's hot. How do I catch fish???

Updated: Dec 10, 2021

The dog days of summer will keep even the most seasoned Florida anglers seeking shade and air conditioning. Walking outside after 9 a.m. can lead to sweat and feeling like you're breathing in a glass of water. Certain opportunities then lend themselves to tired and sunburned anglers seeking a little refuge from the beating sun.

Chasing fish at night is one of the most effective ways to present a fly to a willing Redfish, Snook, Speckled Trout, Triple Tail, and Juvenile Tarpon. Docklights attract small bait which in turn attracts feeding predators. Tiny offerings are a must, making flies a great way to mimic the small glass minnows and shrimp that hang around the lights. Working the edges of a light or allowing your fly to sweep into the light with the current is a great way to get an eat. Staying tight to the fly is key in these situations to get a good strip-set.

Anglers with a curfew can benefit from the frequent rain showers that push in on summer afternoons. These rain showers bring cooler air temperatures that are easier on the angler as well as cooler rain water that will bring down the water temperature. Low tides after a rain shower in the summer can put you in the middle of a school of happy, tailing redfish overlooking a beautiful sunset. Snook still remain on beaches, albeit sometimes a little more spread than in the early summer. Jack Crevalle will cruise grass flats and canals looking for easy bait meals as well. Look for big pushing wakes and feeding frenzies on flats and around structure to locate these hard pulling gamefish.

With about a month left in the late summer - booking for night trips, low tide tailing redfish, and chasing flats hammers are all available!

Request to book here!

Or call/text 816-729-5897 to speak to me for a booking.

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