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Fly How To - The Redfish Gotcha

Updated: Mar 15

Materials List: Hook - Umpqua XS410 All Purpose Hook

Tail: UV Polar Chenille - Copper

Crazy legs - Watermelon Rind

Barred Crusher Legs Olive/Clear

Collar: EP Minnow Head Brush - Mottled Mullet

Weight: Medium Chicone's Stealth Chain - Olive Brown

Wing: Extra Select Craft Fur - Golden Olive

Weed guard: Mason Hard Mono - 25lb

Check out the video at the Tailwater Outfitters Youtube Channel

This fly works really well for a weedless, small shrimp. You can crawl it along the bottom, pop it out of the grass, or run it across a trough. It fishes well in many situations that can lead to coming tight on a redfish or a speckled trout.

Step 1: Start your thread and tie in your bead-chain eyes.

hook with bead chain eyes placement shown

Step 2: wrap to the bend of the hook and tie in a 1.5" piece of UV Polar Chenille

Tie in point for UV Palmer Chenille

Step 3: Palmer the chenille around the hook. Pull the flash back and make a couple wraps over it to get it all leading to the back of the fly. Tie in rubber legs on the bottom side of the hook. Trim to around the same length or a little longer than the flash.

UV Palmer Chenille Palmered in with legs

Step 5: Tie in EP Minnow Head and palmer to the bead chain eyes.

Minnow Head palmered forward

Step 6: Brush out the Minnow Head and trim to a small profile with a razor or scissors.

combed out brush

trimmed ep minnow head brush

Step 7: Tie in the Craft fur wing - about the same length as the flash.

Add in craft fur wing

Step 8: Add a weed guard and whip finish.

add in 25 pound weedguard

Whip finish and finish the fly

Step 9: Tie it on and throw the Redfish Gotcha in front of a redfish!

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