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Fishing Report -- January

Wind and cold has been the theme of January. The month started mild and calm but has certainly not stayed that way. Morning temperatures in the 50s with some days warming up in the afternoon and some days don't. Overcast days and added wind make sight fishing tough. Low winter time tides can help with these problems.

Fish have been tailing on shallow grass flats, and they are much easier to approach with a little wind and less light. Tailing fish on a blue bird sky with little wind have been spooking well before we can get into casting range. Sometimes wading can get you a little closer, but fish are still very wary. Finding places where fish are mulling around and cruising makes getting a fish to take a fly much easier on clear sky days. Sometimes, staking up and leading a school of fish by well over 20 feet is the only way to get a fly to them. This method has been very effective after locating a school of fish.

Speckled trout have been eating well in their usual areas. Find a place where a flat or bar drops off and working a sinking shrimp fly or clouser through usually earns a strike. These fish don't eat very hard in the winter time, so staying tight to the fly and having a good strip set is imperative.

The spring bite is just around the corner. Redfish, Snook, Cobia, Tripletail, Trout, and many other species will show up with the bait and warmer water.

Give me a shout to get on the spring redfish and snook bite!

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