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Fishing Report - 6/7-6/13

Summer time patterns are in full swing. Anglers this week found success fishing in many areas, during different times, and fishing different presentations.

Speckled Trout fishing has been good, fish up to 25 inches have been along the beaches. A well presented clouser minnow is the trick to getting these ambush predators to feed. Flies fished too close to the surface go unnoticed for bigger, lazy trout. Trout have also been eating topwater plugs in potholes, troughs, and grass flats in the evenings while fishing for snook and redfish.

Snook have been feeding well on the beaches. A quickly stripped baitfish fly has been the go to for anglers walking the beaches as well as casting from the boat. My anglers have also fed snook with the speckled trout on grass flats and in troughs along those flats with topwater plugs.

Redfish are beginning to break out of their schools and seek cooler areas as the water warms up. Around mangroves and docks that provide shade for these fish is a great place to look. Flies placed close to these fish and stripped slowly have produced this past week. Anglers have also been able to target tailing fish on low tides that come in the morning and evening as the water cools off. Afternoon rains will get these fish riled up and ready to eat.

The tarpon migration is in full swing as well. Patience and being ready when a shot does present itself is the answer to feed a big tarpon. Migrating "pods" of fish have been moving well along beaches for my anglers to throw at. We've also jumped a few tarpon up to 30 pounds on dock lights at night. A well place bucktail jig or small white fly stripped very slowly will get the Silver Princes to eat off a light. These guys eat like hammers and are a blast to wrestle with on light tackle and mid-size fly rods.

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