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Book your stay at Bay Flats Lodge in Seadrift, Texas!

Updated: Mar 14

You could drive around the state of Texas for a lifetime and maybe never make it to Seadrift. A quaint little town located 3 hours from the hustle and bustle of Houston and an hour or so from more familiar coastal towns like Rockport, Corpus Christi, or Port Aransas. Interstates and major Texas highways will lead you right past Seadrift with one road leading in and out of the town. Nestled on Northeast corner of San Antonio Bay, Seadrift is surrounded by wildlife refuges, management areas, and water. It is an outdoorsman's dream world, boasting acres of prime habitat for gamefish and waterfowl. It would be possible to fish years out of the Middle Texas Coast and never reach all of the creeks, back bays, and duck ponds that gamefish find their way around in. The area is geared towards fishing and hunting. And no one in town does those two things better than the folks at Bay Flats Lodge.

Everything about Bay Flats Lodge ensures a phenomenal experience. Wakeups are greeted with hot coffee, breakfast, and a short commute to meet with your guide for the day. You get all day on the water to enjoy what the area has to offer with a guide who specializes in showing it to you. Lunch is provided on the water, and you return to the lodge just in time to cleanup for 5:30 p.m. appetizers at the outdoor lounge followed by a top notch dinner inside the lodge dining room. Rooms and guest houses sleep anywhere from 2 to 9 people to accommodate any size group you might want to enjoy your stay with.

World class fishing is available year round at Bay Flats Lodge. San Antonio Bay and the surrounding area are located roughly 15 miles from the nearest pass into the open gulf. There are a ton of creeks, bays, and duck ponds to explore, often the fish are not as motivated by the tide as they Floridian counterparts. The water around the bay system is still clean enough to sight fish almost everywhere, but you will not feel like you're looking through a glass of water at a school of redfish like you often do along the nature coast. Fish see far less pressure on the Texas Coast as well. You'll often enjoy most of your day in solitude with an occasional angler passing by. Most everyone you run into during your day will also be fishing - meaning they are often looking to give you as much space as you are to them so you don't ruin the fishing for each other.

Endless areas to explore will leave you itching to come back as much as the tasty food and delightful staff. If you have any questions about staying at the lodge or making arrangements feel free to reach out to me and I'll be happy to help. You can also book your stay directly at or reach out to the lodge at 888-677-4868.

My 2024 availability at Bay Flats Lodge runs from July 15 to October 31. We'd love to host you on your next Fly Fishing Adventure!

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